The intermediate chainsaw level is for people dedicated for hands on training in compression and tension reading, limbing and bucking techniques, wedges and chainsaw maintenance.

  • Quick refresher of basic chainsaw safety
  • Maintenance and sharpening/carburetor adjustments
  • Precision hinging and open face establishment
  • Terrain differences
  • Differences in tree species
  • Wedges/proper placement
  • Felling plan/escape route
  • Bucking and limbing techniques
  • Field practice


Each person is required to have for this course PPE (saw chaps/cutting pants, hardhat with visor/safety glasses, gloves, and steel toed boots/cut resistant, hearing protection).

Chainsaw must be in working order, fuel and bar oil.

Certificate will be issued upon completion of class.

NOTE:  Must have 20 hours of previous chainsaw safety training before enrolling in this level.