Background Information

I started working in the woods in the Northwestern part of Wisconsin 36 years ago hand sawing for a logging company. In the mid-1980s I started my own logging and trucking company where I employed 11 people and operated those businesses for 30 years. I have attended numemerous chainsaw safety classes as well as SFI & BMP classes over the years and achieved Master Logger Certification back in 2010. I am very active with the Log-A-Load for Kids program through the Great Lakes Timber Producer’s Association (GLTPA), and I am also a member of the Volunteer Newbold Fire Department. I was a Safety Training Specialist for several years where I have trained the following organizations: Parks & Recreational Departments, Highway Departments, Fire & Rescue Departments, Power Companies, Municipality Departments, Colleges in several States, Outdoor Clubs and Fire Line A & B Sawyer’s USFS. I also hold a National Sawyer Certification card.