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"Hands On" Chainsaw Safety training

R Good Solutions Providing quality chainsaw safety training. ..

R Good Solutions is an excellent alternative to the larger style training styles. We supply "Hands On" personalize d training geared for your stage in understanding the principles and safety requirements of using a chainsaw.!

Level 1 Training

The basic "Hands On" chainsaw level is for people with little to no experience

Level 2 Training

The intermediate chainsaw level is for people dedicated for hands on training in compression and tension reading, limbing and bucking techniques, wedges and chainsaw maintenance.

Level 3 Training

The advanced chainsaw level is for people who have completed levels 1 & 2 in chainsaw safety. A good portion of time is focused on hands on topics.

Class Room LEarning

We offer the most comprehensive "Classroom" training sessions in the Lakes State Region!

On Site Learning

There is no replacement for "hands on" "On Site Learning" period!.

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